Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ask Linda from Q & A

Q. RE: Assistance in delivering my puppies ..."whelping": just curious, what are the chances of loosing one? what kinds of things could happen if you don't assist? from YouTube

A. Thanks for asking an excellent question. I assist in all my deliveries and have not lost a puppy or mama in my 30+ years. But even the most experienced can run into complications along the way.

My Reasons for assistance: The chances of loosing one depends on several factors like - diet fed especially during pregnancy, size of female to male ratio when breeding, whelping experience of mom, unforeseen circumstances like an umbilical cord wrapped around another puppy, if it is a still-born, if the puppy is in the right position in the birth canal, has the labor lasted longer than expected etc. Note: This is not all inclusive. I'm sure there are many more reasons if I think hard enough.

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